Acquisition Committee

The Acquisition Committee is an invite-only group comprised of select individuals who meet three times a year and support the growth of the Museum’s collection through philanthropic support and their knowledge of artists, collecting, and the art market.

Working closely with Museum curators, the group votes on proposed acquisitions to the permanent collection. Now entering its twentieth year, the Acquisition Committee has had an incredible effect on the growth of the collection and support of artists of African descent. The Museum has a particular commitment to supporting emerging artists, as well as established mid- and late-career artists. The Museum also focuses on supporting artists from its signature Artist-in-Residence program. Through it all, the growth in the collection weaves a narrative of Black culture through works ranging from the nineteenth century to the present day.

For more information about our Patron Programs, donating a piece of art, or other opportunities for support, please email or call 212.864.4500, ext. 265.