Program Proposals

The Studio Museum in Harlem welcomes proposals for public programs from artists, arts and culture organizations, and members of the Harlem community. If you would like to submit a proposal, please read the guidelines below to see if your idea meets our criteria.

All program proposals must reflect the Museum’s mission statement, and engage a clearly articulated target audience, building upon our commitment to supporting artists of African descent. We welcome proposals that prioritize site specificity, artistic activism, collaboration, and intergenerational dialogue.

Program proposals must include the following key information to be considered:

Résumés and contact information for all primary project members, including telephone, email, and website if linking to an online portfolio. Be sure to mention any and all collaborators who might help execute the program.

A brief and clear project description (max. 500 words), outlining the following: The social, political, historical, artistic, and theoretical frameworks that inspire the project.

The need the program meets and an argument for why it is timely to present now.

A project timeline that includes adequate windows for planning, promotion, and production.

Technical requirements such as equipment, displays, lighting, photography, videography, etc. *Please note which of these you plan to provide, and which you are asking the Museum to provide*

A detailed budget, articulating line item expenses and funding sources, both potential and secured.

Any other resources requested of the Museum such as staffing, coordination, etc.

If applicable, please note the name of the staff member who referred you to this page.

All program proposals must be submitted in one PDF file via email. Proposals lacking the above requirements will not be considered.

Please allow three weeks for the Public Programs & Community Engagement Department to process your request. A staff member will contact you directly at the primary contact information provided with a decision.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with The Studio Museum in Harlem!